Snazztastic Resources for Solopreneurs

All the tools and resources for solopreneurs that teach me stuff, make my life easier, or just make me flippin’ happy.

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Some of the resources for solopreneurs contain affiliate links. (They are marked with a *) That’s fancy internet talk for “I make moolah if you click the link and decide to buy something.” There’s no additional cost to you and I only recommend stuff that I have actually used and loved. Your trust is my #1 priority and I appreciate your support. Those web hosting bills and craft beer bar tabs don’t pay for themselves, yanno. ;)


Platform: WordPress – Free, open source, and endlessly customizable.

Hosted by: Siteground* – The best support. I shit you not, they have answered all of my support tickets within 10 minutes.

Theme: X Theme* – It’s more than just a theme. Not only does it come with a sweet drag and drop editor, you also get a crapton of add ons and awesome support via a user forum.

Plugins I heart: Contact Form 7 (simple and functional forms), ShortPixel Image Optimizer*, Inline Related Posts, Layered Popups (easy opt-in forms), Social Warfare* (easily encourage readers to share your content), UpdraftPlus (easy backups to external storage), Wordfence (extra security)


Mailerlite* – Free email marketing for up to 1,000 subscribers. Includes automation and landing pages!

SmarterQueue* – Saves me hours per week with smart social media scheduling and post recycling. Use my link to get a 30 day trial.

Opt-in Blueprint* – Have you ever struggled with coming up with opt-in ideas that are actually valuable to your audience and help you grow your list? This easy to follow e-book gives you a framework for creating high-converting opt-ins every time.

Tailwind* – Grow your Pinterest account almost on autopilot. Fill up your queue with pins and this tool sends them out for you at the best time. Offers lots of other tools to optimize your account, too! Use my link and get a $15 credit.


Passion Planner – The planner with it all! Calendar, sketch areas, and goal setting.

Timeneye – My favorite time tracker. Handy app and browser extension and robust reports.

Asana – My task management system of choice. Simple and effective. Keeps me organized and on task.

Freedcamp – Similar to the popular project management system Basecamp, but free!

RescueTime – Monitors your activity and gives you weekly time reports. Great tool for identifying those time sucks.

Zapier – Automate all the things. Make apps that don’t usually work together work together.


Digit* – This helped me save an extra $3,000 within a few months. Analyzes your spending and dumps amounts you won’t miss into a savings account.

Wave – Free accounting program with easy tools and reports.

Slimvoice – Create free and simple invoices.

LegalShield – Affordable legal advice whenever you need it.


Pixlr – Free image editor with tons of useful tools.

Creative Market* – Beautiful and unique themes, graphics, and fonts. Join their mailing list and get free goods every Monday.

The Hungry JPEG – Graphic design resources and bundles.

Haute Chocolate – Snazzy and affordable stock photos.

Corel PaintShop Pro* – My image editor of choice. A lot like Photoshop and a whole lot cheaper.


Computer: 2015 Macbook Pro running Windows 10. Yep, you read that right. The best hardware with the best software. How did I do it? Bootcamp.

On the go: Lug laptop bag in green (Because duh, green is the best color ;))

Phone: Google Nexus 6 (Until I can afford the Pixel ;))

Apps I use on the daily: A Color Story (photo editing), Poncho (weather), CamScanner (scan things with your phone), Duolingo (learn a new language), InsightTimer (meditation), Stitcher (podcasts)

Web Browser: Google Chrome

Fav Browser Extensions: uBlock (ad blocker), Grammarly (fixes my typos), LastPass (password management), Honey (saves me money), Productivity Owl (blocks distracting websites), Imagus (image zoomer), (awesome start page), OneTab (condenses tabs into one organized page)


Creative Live – Creative and business-related courses. Catch ’em live for free or buy the course and watch it when you want.

Skillshare – Access to 15,000 classes on just about everything for $12 a month.

Envato TutsPlus – Tutorials and courses on code, web design, photography, and more.

Create Your Laptop Life* – Everything you need to build and market an online business. Sign up for the skills, stay for the community.

Uncork Your Dork Challenge Library* – All the info you need to build a digital business for only $25 a month. Learn how to optimize your site for SEO, create freebies people can’t wait to download, and more. Use my link to get a free month!

The Freelance to Freedom Project School* – Feeling lost with all the courses and blog posts and webinars out there? Get everything you need in one place!


Content Brew* – Learn how to never run out of content ideas.

Hemingway – Analyzes your writing and makes suggestions for improvement.

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer – Measures how engaging your headlines are and helps you make ’em better.

Writebox – Distraction free writing tools.


Keepvid – Save YouTube videos

What WP Theme is That? – Ever see an awesome website and wonder what they used to make it awesome? This tool will tell you what theme a WordPress site is using.

Avast! – Free antivirus program. Protect your computer from the internet nasties.

CCleaner – It used to be called crap cleaner, and that’s exactly what this free optimization tool does.

TheSkimm* – My favorite way to read the news! Get a free daily email recap of popular news with a humorous spin.

Screencast-o-Matic* – My favorite tool for creating screen recordings. At $15 a year, it’s a steal. Use my link and get 20% off!


Doxie Scanner* – Makes moving to a paperless office easy and fun. I love that I can send documents to Evernote with one click.

Varidesk* – Sitting all day is bad news for your health. I love this standing desk because it’s big enough for two monitors.

Yoga Ball Chair* – Keeps my posture in check. I love taking the ball out of the chair and doing exercises during my work breaks.

Papermate Flair Pens* – These almost make my handwriting look good. Almost! All kidding aside, these are my favorite pens evar. They write smooth and don’t bleed through paper.